Day 23: How Many Characters Do You Have?

Thhhirteen? Bames’jond(Operative), Sivious(Jugg), Corous(Assassin), Sajaiya(Merc), Brek(Trooper), Caritas(Marauder), Dia’niolan(Gunslinger), Sebron(Sage), Tila(Trooper), Illya’kuryakin(Sniper), Chora(PT), Soran(Agent), Sio(Inquisitor).

Bames is my 50, Sivious is lvl 49.8, Corous 38, and Sajaiya is 26; the rest are somewhere between 1 and 18, because most were made on a whim or a burst of character inspiration and I don’t have it in me to delete them, but also don’t have time to play them. Not pictured, Chora, Soran, and Sio, but Soran and Sio are really just re-rolls of Bames and Corous for an RP server because their characters needed to liiiive! Tila and Dia probably have deletion in their future because I don’t have characters for them and they were really only made to play with a friend who is no longer speaking to me. So, meh.

I have an alt problem, but admitting it is the first step, right?